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Senior Java Engineer (Backend) (Java Engineer (Senior))

Data:12-9-2019  Local: Porto

Keen for challenges and ambitioning new solutions, our IT-Tude is oriented towards project excellence and a close relation with our collaborators. With our People, iT works better!

We are looking for BE Java Engineers to integrate a project in Porto.Role:
Your role is to team up with our engineers and build our services.

You will be working on:
- Our core service that handles all the computations originated by the user inputs, users scheduled jobs and webhooks.
- The edge service that deals with all user-facing queries, authentication and other responsibilities.
- A modular integration service for calling 3rd party APIs.
- Evolving or setting up new microservices that deliver new features in a seamless user experience.
- Scalability and resiliency challenges to deliver low latency results.
- Discussing different approaches to distributed computing architectures.

- At least 6 years of work experience as a software engineer.
- Fluent in design patterns and other Computer Science fundamentals.
- Proficient in the inner workings of the JVM.
- Proficient with Java 8 streams and reactive programming.
- Very experienced in the design of APIs that implement request-response protocols, i.e. REST, RPC.
- Very experienced in deployment tools and strategies.
- Skilled in different areas like database handling, task automation, ssh-ing to machines to debug quirky * behaviors or hunting for oddities in metrics dashboards.
- Able communicator in English. Portuguese is optional but welcome.

Nice to have:
- Experienced with Redis, Cassandra and PostgreSQL.
- Knows Kotlin and Python.
- Knows GraphQL.
- Experienced with gRPC and protocol buffers.
- Comfortable around linux systems and shell scripting.
- Familiar with Infrastructure as Code.
- Experienced with Spinnaker and container technology.
- Aware of Google Cloud services, e.g. GCE, Pub/Sub, DataFlow.
- Able to apply functional programming where needed.
- Open source contributor (Github).

Souds interesting?
Send your cv to: ---@---


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