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FE Engineer (FE Engineer)

Data:12-9-2019  Local: Porto

Keen for challenges and ambitioning new solutions, our IT-Tude is oriented towards project excellence and a close relation with our collaborators. With our People, iT works better!

We are looking for FE Engineers to integrate a project in Porto.Role:
Your role is to team up with our engineers and build our services.

You will be working on:
- an account dashboard where users manage apps and settings.
- the editor where users manipulate a list of programmable cells that can do computing, including services and automation.
- additional pages and features where we help users learn and extract the maximum value out of our core functionality and available integrations.

- At least 3 years of work experience as a software engineer.
- Fluent in design patterns and other Computer Science fundamentals.
- Proficient in ECMAScript 2017.
- Proficient in HTML5 & CSS3.
- Experienced in SPAs (single-page apps).
- Experienced in front-end frameworks like React or Angular (we use React).
- Experienced in tests (writing unit tests, end-to-end tests).
- Able communicator in English. Portuguese is optional but welcome.

Nice to have:
- GraphQL (with Apollo client).
- HTML5 Canvas for fin-hypergrid library.
- WebSockets (GraphQL over websockets).
- Webpack, PostCSS, cssnext & CSS modules.
- CSS Flexbox.
- RxJS (some core modules).
- GitHub (Open source and internal repos).

Souds interesting?
Send your cv to: ---@---


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